COX-2 drugs may also worsen hypertension and edema

Not all prostaglandins are inflammatory and vaso-constrictive, but when you block their formation, you block those that are anti-inflammatory and vaso-dialating as well as the inflammatory and constrictive hormones. Prostaglandins made from omega-6 are inflammatory and vaso-constrictive. It is better to reduce the inflammation by reducing your omega-6 and increasing your omega-3. When I did that by following the Oil Change Diet, I was able stop taking NSAIDS and blood pressure medication in just 3 weeks.


Public Release: 12-Nov-2015

Vanderbilt University Medical Center study sheds light on side effects of COX-2 drugs

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

It’s been about a decade since the promise of COX-2 inhibitors — drugs that relieve arthritis pain and inflammation without the gastrointestinal side effects of other painkillers — was tempered by the realization that they could cause heart problems in some patients.

Now a team of Vanderbilt University Medical Center scientists led by Ming-Zhi Zhang M.D., M.Sc., and Raymond C. Harris, M.D., are closer to understanding why. They have found that production of prostaglandins by macrophages may play a role, especially in the kidney and the skin.

Their findings, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, could lead to development of a new, better-targeted class of drugs that relieve pain without causing vascular effects.

Prostaglandins are molecules produced by the cyclooxygenase enzymes — COX-1 and COX-2 — that play…

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Omega-6 and Endocannabanoids Increase Diabetes in Offspring

This article shows how omega-6 is causing the dramatic increase in diabetes–it is through maternal effects on developing embryonic pancreas.

Omega-6 is the precursor for many different hormones in our bodies, prostaglandins that promote inflammation, thromboxanes that promote clotting and plaque formation, leukotrienes that stimulate allergic reaction and endo-cannabanoids that have been shown to increase appetite. Now, researchers have found that those endo-cannabanoids in a pregnant mother can also affect the ability of a baby’s pancreas to form and develop properly. This leads to increased probability of development of diabetes later in the life of the child–a second generation effect of the excessive omega-6 in our diets.

These omega-6 endo-cannabanoids also affect fertility, central nervous system development and immune system response. Omega-3 can counter the negative effects of these endo-cannabanoids, but many pregnant mothers have been reluctant to eat fish for fear of mercury (although there is very little evidence of any cases of high mercury from eating fish).

I have said for the last couple years that it is the omega-6 in pregnant mothers that is leading to the epidemic of autism we are seeing in this country, it is clear now that it is also leading to the increases in the development of diabetes in the next generation as well. Please pass this along to any expectant mothers you may know.

My book, Oil Change Diet, will show you how to increase your omega-3 (without fish if you want to follow a vegetarian diet) and avoid the foods that are high in omega-6. The ebook version is only $4 and could well be the best $4 you ever spent on your health and that of your children.